The focus of the 12. event will be again on industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) security risks.

Organizational, operational and technical challenges will be presented and discussed.

Security breaches from Switzerland, Germany and other countries will be analyzed.

In a workshop operations and security managers will obtain practical advice for their day-to-day work.

Feedback from attendees

"I have never seen such a large concentration of excellent presentations; and exciting selection of subjects."
(Thomas Schwyzer, Executive Director Security, UBS)

"Not only the speakers play in the top league but also among the audience you find outstanding experts from large Swiss corporations and organisations."
(Dr. Serge Droz, Vice President, SWITCH)

"As a presenter, I was impressed by the caliber of the attendees and the depth of the discussions throughout the day."
(Dr. Robert Griffin, Chief Security Architect, RSA)

Topics discussed at the 12. event

  • Live attack demonstration: hacking various ICS networks in Switzerland, Tim Philipp Schäfers, IT Consulting Schäfers
  • Attacking Home Automation Systems
  • Panel discussion: recent ICS cyber incidents in Switzerland and worldwide
  • Risk management & insurance implications of ICS incidents
  • Lessons learned from the Ukraine grid attacks

Who should attend

  • ICS-OT managers from Swiss and German critical infrastructure providers, manufacturing, chemical and other plants
  • Compliance, governance, risk managers from large organizations
  • CISO, CIO, COO, CTO office
  • Government advisors & experts
  • IT infrastructure & operations experts
  • IT security & investigations managers

Last event


  • 13:30
    Attacking Home Automation Systems
    presented by Valentin Zahnd, Consecom AG

    Home Automation comes along with huge promises on easing daily life.
    Rarely bespoken are the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of its implementation.
    Imaging the lock at your door opens to anyone while you believe to be safe and secure.

    In this talk, Valentin Zahnd and Damiano Esposito of Consecom AG are introducing the fundamental challenges that Home Automation faces.
    Based on these challenges, they propose possible solutions together with new hurdles introduced.

    A demonstration of hacking an electronic door lock-system emphasizes the problem.
    A real-life door system is attacked and ways are shown to open the door without the legitimate owner knowing it.

  • 14:30
    Large-scale blackouts caused by cyber attacks – the insurance point of view
    presented by Dr. Philipp Hurni, Swiss Re Group
  • 15:00
    Cyber risks from a hacker's perspective - cases from Switzerland
    presented by Tim Philipp Schäfers, IT Consulting Schäfers
  • 15:30
    Securing next-generation autonomous cyber-physical systems
    presented by Dr. Aanjhan Ranganathan, ETH Zürich

    Possible attacks on smart grids, autonomous cars, robots, drones ...

  • Exhibition & Networking
    • Consecom
    • Cyverse
    • Indegy
    • SCADAfence
    • Siemens
    • SwissRe


Daniel Ehrenreich

Following to 40 years in the industry, dealing with hardware engineering, computer systems, military electronics ,radio communication, industrial control and cyber security.

I’m now self employed, busy with consulting, lecturing on cyber security for industrial control, presenting at international and Israeli conferences.

I have experience with consulting to startups as related to marketing and sales strategies, preparation of presentations and marketing material and educating the team on customer needs.

Dr. Philipp Hurni

Philipp Hurni has worked in the field of resilient low-power wireless communication for internet-of-things technologies while pursuing his PhD in Computer Science at University of Bern.

He then worked for several years as a cyber security officer for Switzerland’s major telecommunications and IT services provider Swisscom, where he led security projects in mobile communication, data leakage prevention, security management & governance.

In 2015, he joined Swiss Re’s Cyber Centre of Competence to tackle cyber risk from a (re)insurance perspective.

He currently works on quantifying the accumulation potential of cyber risk on specific cyber coverages but also on traditional lines of insurance business (property, engineering, casualty) for Swiss Re, and is furthermore active in modelling and calculating the technical costing of cyber covers.

Dr. Aanjhan Ranganathan

Aanjhan is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the System Security Group at ETH Zurich.

He obtained his PhD in 2016 and his research mostly revolves around the physical-layer security of wireless systems (e.g., secure localization and ranging, GPS security, (anti-)jamming techniques).

In the past, he has worked on computer architectures, specifically, multiprocessor systems, cache coherency protocols and communication bus protocols.

Prior to joining the System Security group at ETH Zurich, he worked at Robert Bosch GmbH's Car Multimedia Division "Blaupunkt" for over 3 years involved in research and development of embedded modules for top automotive manufacturers including Audi and Volkswagen.

He holds a bachelors degree in Electronic and Communication engineering from Anna University in Chennai, India and a Masters degree from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Tim Philipp Schäfers

Ich bin Tim Philipp Schäfers, Security-Consultant mit besonderer Passion für den Bereich Webhacking.

Meine Erfahrungen und Eindrücke zum Thema Web teile ich in Büchern oder Blogbeiträgen.

  • 2016: Autor des Buches "Hacking im Web"
  • 2016: Teilnahme am Security Analyst Summit von Kaspersky
  • Seit 2015: Autor (Schwerpunkte: Sicherheit/Datenschutz) auf
  • Seit 2014: Studium zum Bachelor of Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • Seit 2013: Security-Consultant für verschiedene Unternehmen (vorrangig im Bereich Websicherheit)
  • Seit 2012: Mitbetreiber und Mitgründer des Projektes ""

Shira Kaplan

Shira is the Founder and CEO of Cyverse AG, a Zurich-based cyber-security firm which delivers state-of-the-art cyber-security solutions to global and local corporations.

Shira’s technological training dates back to her military service in the Israeli 8200 Elite Technology Unit of the Intelligence, where she was an Intelligence and Cyber-Security Analyst.

She held business management positions at publicly-traded companies including Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (NASDAQ: TEVA) and Bank Julius Baer & Co. in Zurich (SIX: BAER).

Shira is an alumna of Harvard University (B.A.), where she studied Government and was a Davis Scholar.

She holds an MBA from St. Gallen HSG University in Switzerland, where she wrote her thesis on Swiss Venture Capital Investments in Israeli Cyber-Security Startups, and where she was awarded the “Women in Business” Scholarship.

Shira has won several other awards, including the “Seeds of Peace” scholarship, the Goldman fellowship and the Milken Fellowship.

She has been featured in the Financial Times, the Neue Zuercher Zeitung, Bilanz and multiple other newspapers. She resides with her family in Zurich.

Cyverse AG

We at Cyverse AG have access to the most advanced cyber-security solutions coming out of Israel and Silicon Valley.

Whether you are seeking a next-generation web application security product, a superior pen-testing tool, or an industrial cyber-security solution for your operational network, we have access to the kind of cyber-security technologies that are necessary to keep you ahead of the curve.

For nearly two decades, we have developed a unique network of contacts in the heart of Israel’s cyber-security ecosystem.

We work closely together with CEOs of cyber-security companies who have taken upon themselves to accelerate and automate the detection and prevention of cyber-security attacks.

The solutions we embrace have all been adopted by Tier-1 global companies, and have been backed by world-renowned cyber-security angel and venture capital investors.

Dr. Lukas Ruf

Dr. Lukas Ruf is founder and CEO of Consecom AG.

Consecom is specialized in Strategic ICT Security Consulting, and offers support by concept (design), implementation and review (security testing, reviewing and auditing) services.

Lukas completed his master and Ph.D. studies the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich in electrical engineering.

For more than two decades, he has been working as a consultant, architect and auditor in the areas of governance and organization, processes, and technology.

Among others, he is a well-known specialist for end-to-end security, identity and access management as well as information security management.

Valentin Zahnd

Valentin Zahnd and Damiano Esposito are senior security consultants with Consecom AG.

They focus on technological matters of information security and support customers with penetration testing, hardening or software and system security.

Before joining Consecom, they have already been active in the field of penetration testing.

Among others, they have been supporting the Swiss Cyber Storm and the European Cyber Security Challenge.

Both completed their studies at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences with major in information security.

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